Possibilities Beyond Tandem Skydiving

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Have you dreamed of flying like Peter Pan? Or Superman? We certainly have! When we came out to make our first skydive, we envied the experienced jumpers with their cool looking jumpsuits and slick full-face helmets as they practiced for their jumps. If you’re like us, and want to discover more about the sport and the possibilities beyond tandem skydiving, you’re in the right place as we can help you make your dreams come true!

First Step: After Tandem Skydiving

Every world record holder, every national and world champion, and every skydiving instructor started with their very first jump – some of them even began right here, at Skydive Carolina. The first step after tandem skydiving is to earn your first basic license. We conduct what’s called the Advanced Freefall Program [AFP] which goes above and beyond the industry standards to earn your A-License. To begin with, no experience is necessary, just the willingness and desire to learn.

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What's After Your A-License?

Earning your A-license gives you the freedom to jump with other licensed skydivers. However, there are several more opportunities to progress your skills in skydiving. I know, more training. Yet, we find those who invest in their skydiving career early on and do the training, get more out of their skydives, and excel to do some really epic things in the sport.


The next step after earning your A-license would be to earn your B-license. This requires a few additional requirements such as demonstrating more advanced freefall maneuvers, canopy landing accuracy, and a canopy course conducted by a coach.


There are several different paths one can take after earning their B-license, as each jumper gravitates towards different disciplines in the sport. This is when we’d recommend hiring a coach to help you level up your skills. All of this training is because, in skydiving, we only get between 45-60 seconds of freefall time and only 5-7 minutes under the parachute. In other sports, like soccer, or skateboarding, one could spend hours training. That’s why we highly encourage hiring a coach at this point.

beyond tandem skydiving

Possibilities Beyond Tandem Skydiving: Sport Skydiving Ideas

So what are these possibilities? Ok, get ready to wet your appetite! There are SOOOO many cool things we can do in skydiving. And all of this is what gets us excited about the sport – it’s still a relatively young sport and so much is still being discovered!

What's Possible in Sport Skydiving

Are you ready to become the next world champion, world record holder, or stunt person? Or are you ready to get your heart racing and just experience the world of skydiving? Give us a click or call and we’re ready to help you make your dreams come true!

Learn to Skydive

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