Know Your LO: Laura Wagner

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet Laura Wagner

1. How old were you when you made your first jump and what DZ was it?

12! Made a tandem with my papa at Carolina Sky Sports in Louisburg, North Carolina. My mom jumped with us too! They are no longer open, and no they did not close down due to jumping minors 😉

2. What about that first jump made you want to more?

I grew up on the DZ and always knew it was something I wanted to do. On my first AFF jump, I wasn’t necessarily scared of jumping, I was terrified that I wouldn’t like it and this thing I wanted for so long turned out differently than I expected. Silly me, of course I loved it!


3. The Wagner family has been deeply rooted in the skydiving industry for many years. Your uncle is behind Omniskore and of course your father is a world champion and former Golden Knight. Despite the family history, you don’t live under that shadow, but have solidified yourself as your own person and rock star in the sport. How do you explain that? Why do you think that is?

Aw, well thank you! I believe the generation gap and the pursuit of a different discipline have allowed me to find my own path. That and I am way louder and blonder.

4. With a family so rooted in skydiving, what has been your most important lesson learned that has made you a better skydiver today?

Don’t date every dude on the DZ! No, but really. I respect people that get to the top through integrity.

5. You’ve been on a steady progression in the sport for several years, what has fueled you to push for more?

If you’re not pushing forward, you’re falling behind! I remember my first Carolinafest, I had maybe only 100 jumps and I was watching the group of 8 or so badasses dirt-diving and being so fired up to get to that point. I really just want to be a cool kid!

6. Of all your skydiving achievements, which one are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of the SiS events I have helped host. Triple Threat in Dallas was particularly cool because it was both tunnel and sky.

7. What three skydives stand out to you?

My 2 Women’s Vertical World Records for sure and then, I think it was like my 8th skydive, sunset load from 18,000 turning points with my friend and thinking what a freaking cool journey I had just started on. I was fresh off student status and ready to take on the world!

8. This month, you’ve been featured in Blue Skies Magazine and you mentioned that CarolinaFest is one of your favorite boogies. We love hearing that, but tell us why? What makes CarolinaFest standout to you versus other events?

I love that it’s out in the middle of nowhere so after just a day or 2 you start getting to know the other people there and it becomes a real community. That and they are generous with the number of LOs they provide, the free drinks, the food trucks, everyone is well taken care of. Southern hospitality at it’s best!

9. Of all the lessons you’ve learned in your progression, what are the most important lessons you’d like to share?

Never think you’re too cool for school, never stop learning and asking questions and trying something new. And please, for the love of all things nylon, can we get rid of this divide between belly flyers and free flyers!

10. If you could choose to sit down and have lunch with anyone alive or deceased who would that be?

Last night I read a story about Joan of Arc so I’ll choose her! She heard a voice, had an intuition, and went on to save her country despite many obstacles. That is badass.

11. Who / What inspires you?

I am inspired by people that are in a constant pursuit. Creative people, the thinkers and philosophers and rebels of the world.

12. You’re an amazing skydiver, what are the future goals for Laura Wagner?

I just took a new position with the IBA and have big plans for the future of wind tunnel competitions and skydiver relations. Outside of the flying world I recently received my yoga teacher certification and am psyched to bring flexibility and strength to the people of the world!

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