Is Skydiving Expensive?

Friday, February 14, 2020

How Much is Skydiving? Is it Expensive?

These are questions every skydiver and dropzone team member is asked as soon as our sport comes up in conversation. At Skydive Carolina, the short answer on price is between $25 (solo skydiving cost) and $1600 (skydiving lessons), with the most common number being $219 (tandem jump).


The longer response is that skydiving costs depend on your experience level and goals. And, the fact is, what one calls steep another deems reasonable. “Expensive” is in the eye of the wallet beholder.


Let’s unpack the costs associated with the miracle that is human flight, and then you can decide the value for yourself.

Cost of Tandem Skydiving

If you’re in the market for a tandem skydive, then you’re looking at around $220 for tandem skydiving, an experience of a lifetime. Many people will spend as much for a far less meaningful and empowering experience, and others will pay thousands for one on par. It’s all about what brings you joy.


We believe the soul food you get at every single turn is irreplaceable. The butterflies in your belly when you book your jump, arrive at the dropzone, complete your training and suit up. That crazy what-am-I-doing mixed with woooohooooooooo as you journey to the clouds and then leap into the big blue beyond and experience the rush of freefall followed by the sweet serenity of canopy flight. And that I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO feeling when you touch down on the ground. It’s down-right priceless.


is skydiving expensive
But you don’t have to take our word for it – check out some of our reviews Facebook and Yelp reviews:

The entire experience is worth every penny, every nervous minute while waiting, every drop of sweat from waiting your turn in the summer heat! I’m coming back in the fall for an evening jump. If I had the time and money, I’d be there every single weekend!

It’s the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done! ... I am so glad we purchased the video package because now I get to relive this experience over and over again! … Thank you so much, Andrew, Nick and the rest of the staff for making this an experience of a lifetime!

Tina Ann (Facebook Review)

OK OK OK YALLLLLLLLL THIS WAS THHEEEE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! … Our hearts were beating out of our chests & we STILL Jumped!! It was exhilarating & unparalleled!! … At first, we didn't want photo & video packages but by the time we arrived, we changed our GLAD we did!! …. Conclusion: If you get the chance to jump; DO IT!!

Jasmine L. (Yelp Reviewer)

Also, in case the point needs driving home: get the video! Packages start at $99.

Pro Tip: If you go with a group you’ll get a price break.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn to Skydive?

Learning to skydive starts with enrolling in our Accelerated Freefall Progression (AFP) program, a 16-level ground- and sky-school course you can complete at your own pace. By the end of AFP, you’ll have your A-License (aka your license to fly).


learn to skydive


Is skydiving expensive if you go solo? Initially, yes. Each AFP Level ranges between $57 and $299, with packages starting at $1,612 available if you’re ready to commit to a chunk of classes from the giddyup. There are also expenses associated with buying (or renting) gear.


But once you have your A license and your own gear you can score lift tickets for $25-$28 per jump, depending on the day of the week. That’s less than take out, y’all. Boom.



Is skydiving expensive? In our eyes, the cost is minimal for an experience you will never forget! There’s plenty of room in the sky for us all. Join us! Or if you’re just here for info and a gift certificate, let’s make your loved one’s bucket-list wish a reality!


Either way, reach out with questions! We’re available by phone seven days a week.


Blue skies!

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