Skydiving as a Gift For People Hard to Buy For

Friday, October 26, 2018

5 Reasons why Skydiving Makes a great gift for people hard to buy for


With the holidays not far off in the distance and Black Friday on the immediate horizon, it’s time to make some decisions about gifts. It’s difficult to find gifts for people hard to buy for, but did you know that the new generation values experiences more than things?

Lots of people start dropping hints when the weather starts to turn, but there are always those others who leave you stumped year after year, and they are hard to buy for. Some seem to have everything, and others swear they want for nothing.


If you’re ready to turn “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” into “Oh, hell yes you did!” and be the best fill-in-the blank (mom, boyfriend, grandparent, etc.), then the gift of a skydive should be on your short list. Here’s why:


Most people have a bucket list with an accompanying list of why each item is out of reach or out of the question. Looking closer, though, a lot of bucket list items are totally feasible. A hearty nudge, a legit leg up and permission to do the damn thing is often all that’s needed to seal the deal. Poof! Dream. Come. True.

2. Fifty Shades of YAY!

Ever talked to someone who recently made their first skydive (or in the past six months)? They’re overflowing with excitement, empowerment and inspiration. The incredible cocktail of awesomeness that flooded their body and brain on the way up to altitude and during their life-changing freefall and wonder-filled canopy ride down is still sloshing around in their memory. It’s a feeling impossible to manifest any other way, and one the gift recipient will never – as in ever – forget.   

skydiving gifts for people hard to buy for

3. Minimalism Is In

In a time when Tiny Houses are a thing and “stuff” is a dirty word, there’s a huge segment of the population that is striving to authentically live a less-is-more kind of life. Thus the rise of the gift of an experience. Nothing is as precious or memorable. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Stress Relief

People make their first tandem for a lot of different reasons, one of the most popular being the release of a burden. Casting stress to the wind is enormously cathartic. The reclamation, rejuvenation, and restoration that people feel after touching down on the ground is palpable. Shrieks of joy, tears of relief, expletives and laughter. You hear it all.

gifts for people hard to buy for

5. Wow Factor

Sure, it’s not a competition … but how delightful it would be for your gift to be your recipient’s new favorite thing to talk about. Good graces: check. Street cred: check, check. Called out on social media for being extra-level awesome: check, check, check. A foolproof way to stay on the Nice List.

Black Friday Skydiving Sale

Now that you know what you’re getting you-know-who, mark your calendar for Black Friday when Skydive Carolina will have their highly-coveted Gift Certificate sale and the only discount opportunity of the year. With savings typically in the vicinity of $50 per jump (in limited supply between Black Friday and Cyber Monday), time is of the essence. We promise it will be a fantastic gift for people hard to buy for and you can check that one off the list! 


Blue skies and jingle bells, y’all.


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