Cost of Getting a Skydiving License

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Breaking Down the Costs of Learning to Skydive

Whether you’ve dreamt of learning to fly since you were a child or have recently discovered the fabulous world of freefall with a tandem jump – skydiving on your own means earning your skydiving license!


Going from neo-flyer to licensed skydiver isn’t going to happen overnight. Earning your skydiving license will require a substantial investment of your time and money. When you consider the cost to get skydive certified, it’s important not just to consider the dollars and cents (though those certainly matter) but also to consider the cost in time. As a weather-dependent sport, we’ve seen lady luck shine on folks with stretches of sunny skies and light winds – and they’ve earned their license in months. For others, it can take up to a year to get the USPA A License.

Now, as for the actual financial investment required to become a certified skydiver through the Accelerated Freefall program, you are looking at a cost somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000.


Curious about what all that includes? Stick with us as we explain how much to expect by way of your skydiving certification cost.

aff student works towards earning skydiving license

First Jump Course / Skills Evaluation Jump: $330

Before taking flight, you’ll first need to do a little learning while firmly planted on the ground! The first jump course teaches you the fundamentals of flight, familiarity with parachuting equipment, and the skills you will need to succeed on your first solo jump – including body position, hand signals, emergency procedures, protocols, and, of course, how to fly the parachute!


Before you get to show off your newfound knowledge on your Category A solo skydive with two instructors, though, you are first required to do a tandem evaluation with a multi-rated instructor. On this jump, you will need to demonstrate good body position, altitude awareness, and competency under canopy.

tandem skydiving first jump course

AFF Phase 1: $2,210

After your skills evaluation tandem skydive, you will move on to your first solo skydive accompanied by two instructors who have the Accelerated Freefall Instructor Rating. After a few jumps, you will transition to jumping with one AFF Instructor. On each of these jumps, you will be learning different body flight skills and covering various knowledge sets. Each of these jumps is focused on the individual’s ability to safely complete a skydive.

learn to skydive aff accelerated freefall how to become a skydiver

AFF Phase 2: $1,090

During phase two of AFF, the focus shifts more to the maneuvers and skills you will need to succeed in group skydives. Dialing in these body flight skills will benefit you significantly as a licensed skydiver cleared to jump with others.

Check Dive: $130

The check dive is your time to shine and show off all of the skills you have learned! This jump is used to demonstrate your competencies and is required by the USPA in order for you to receive your A License.

Save A Few Bucks!

By taking advantage of our AFF package pricing you can save nearly $400 on your skydiving license cost. You can purchase AFF phase 1 and AFF phase 2 separately. Each individual package must be purchased upfront and paid in full. Payment is non-refundable.

AFF Package Pricing

AFP PackageRegular CostPackage Deal
AFF Phase 1 - Includes AFF First Jump Course- Category E3
Must Be Paid in Full. Payment Is Non-Refundable.
AFF Phase 2 - Includes Category F1-Check Dive
Must Be Paid in Full. Payment Is Non-Refundable.

Remaining Self-Supervised Skydives: Total Cost Varies

Once you have completed your coached jumps, all that remains is to ensure everything on your A-license proficiency check-list has been completed and signed off by the appropriate instructors and for you to have made a minimum of 25 jumps. If you have previously completed and logged tandem skydives, they will count towards your total number of jumps. Each self-supervised skydive is $59 and includes gear rental.

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