AFP Skydiving NC: What Is AFP and Is It For You?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Is AFP?

Accelerated freefall progression, or AFP, is a method of learning to skydive. You’ll experience solo freefall from jump 1, assisted by two instructors and following a full day of training. Find out more about AFP (also known as AFF) and if it’s right for you, here.

AFP Skydiving Lessons

AFP stands for Accelerated Freefall Progression. AFP is so called because it’s the fastest method of experiencing solo freefall. This means you will skydive with your own parachute from 13,000 feet on your very first jump. No other method of learning to skydive gives you this opportunity.

You can see what jump one of AFP looks like here:

Lesson structure

AFP skydiving in NC starts with a full day of training on the ground. You’ll be taught by a fully qualified USPA AFF instructor on how to fly your body in the air and the principles of canopy (parachute) flight to get you safely to the ground.

Following this, you’ll complete 8 jumps during which you must demonstrate various skills, including turning in freefall, forward and backward movement and consistent parachute landings. You will be accompanied by two instructors on your first jumps, and by one instructor later in your progression.

With your 8 jumps complete, you’ll make a further 17 skydives, after which you can apply for your USPA skydiving license. This license gives you permission to jump alone and start developing new skills.

Qualifying as a solo skydiver

Qualification as a solo skydiver is only step one! From here, there are lots of options for you to develop as a skydiver and learn new skills. These include:

  • Freeflying: changing the angle of your body flight
  • Formation skydiving: creating formations with other skydivers
  • Canopy piloting: learning more advanced parachute flight techniques

There are lots more than this and as a qualified skydiver, you’ll be able to choose which to pursue. You may be inspired by what you see other jumpers doing, and our friendly instructors are here every step of the way to support you.

Is AFP right for me?

AFP is the most popular method of learning to skydive in NC. We’ve taught thousands of people just like you, who’ve gone on to be amazing skydivers.

By choosing AFP, you’ll get to experience freefall from your very first jump. You’ll progress quickly to qualified skydiver level, with the support of fully qualified, experienced instructors.

You can read more about the AFP levels and book your AFP course here. Still have questions? Get in touch and our staff will be happy to help.

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