5 Things You Should Know About Learning To Skydive

Monday, June 26, 2017

Thinking about Becoming a Licensed Skydiver?

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be terrifying. Learning to skydive is no different. But over time, the rewards that come with skydiving can far outstrip the uncomfortable start.

Are you thinking about taking the ground school and becoming a skydiver? This is great news! We love adding new passionate athletes to our community.

Before you begin, we recommend taking a look at the following five pro-tips. They’ll help ease your transition into the world of skydiving. We can’t wait to fly with you soon!


It’s Normal To Be Scared

When you’re driving to the dropzone in those early days of getting your license, you may be inundated with feelings of anxiety, nervousness and fear. Are you crazy? Have you actually lost your mind? Why would you voluntarily do this over and over again?

This is completely normal and healthy! We’ve all been there. It gets easier over time.

The nervousness never fully dissipates, though, because it’s your brain and body trying to keep you safe. A healthy dose of fear ensures that you’re flying as safely as possible.

That means that you’re remembering to check your gear, practicing your dive flows and emergency procedures and visualizing your skydive. That makes you not only a better skydiver, but a safer one.

Skydive For You

We’ve seen a lot of people lured into the sport because of pressure from friends or significant others. Many of those people aren’t head-over-heels in love with the sport, but do it to satisfy someone else.

Don’t do that!! Skydive for you and you only. As safe as the sport is with the dual parachute system and technologies that have made us all smarter and safer in the sky, skydiving is still a dangerous and extreme sport.

Learning to skydive for someone else makes it that much more dangerous. You need to want to be there and you need to want to succeed. Skydiving for you makes it that much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

You’re going to flail around and your spins are going to be sloppy. You may fall down when you land a few times. This is all to be expected.

As with any new activity or sport that requires a skill, skydiving has a learning curve. Some students that go through AFP (the learn-to-skydive program) find it easier than others. Some people are just way too hard on themselves. This is a completely new, unnatural activity that you’re being introduced to — it’s ok if you’re not always perfect.

In this sport, we’re always growing and learning. It’ll all become easier over time. Just smile, arch and relax. Skydiving is a dangerous sport that requires a set of skills and positive mentality. But it’s also extremely fun!!

Patience Is Key

We often joke that the vast majority of the time spent while skydiving is spent on the ground. This is a sport that requires patience — especially as a student.

There will be days when the winds are gusty or there are clouds. These are things that will keep students — and even many experienced skydivers — on the ground. You’ll find, however, that this is a crucial part of the sport because it ensures our safety.

Prepare And Visualize

A key aspect of skydiving is visualizing. When you’re going through AFP, you will have to remember specific maneuvers to show instructors your skills in the sky.

To help you remember and ensure that you’re getting it right, it’s very helpful to visualize the dive flow before you get onto the plane — heck, before you even get to the DZ!

It also helps to watch videos online. The internet is a vast resource for all things skydiving, from forums to how-to videos on YouTube.

learn to skydive student

Ready to begin your journey towards becoming a licensed skydiver? Learn more about our comprehensive Accelerated Freefall Progression program or contact a team member with any questions you have.

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