Our Staff

At Skydive Carolina, we hire only the best! Each one of our skydiving instructors is thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and safety minded. Each tandem instructor, AFP instructor, videographer, and staff member are dedicated to ensuring that every guest has a world-class skydiving experience. If you're thinking of skydiving near Charlotte, NC, we are your #1 choice!

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Annette Smith

Gear Store Manager & Co-Owner

Danny Smith

Owner, CEO


Laura Jane Burgess

Office Manager

Jumps: 130

USPA: B- 43748

Ryan "Shaggio" Levesque

General Manager

Ratings: Coach, AFF-I

Jumps: 4700

USPA: D-27423

Ground Team

Daniel Hammond


Jumps: 500+

USPA: C-41656

Jake Herring


Jumps: 500+

USPA: C-43409

Dakoda Mulllinax

Jumps: 52

USPA: A 77304

Braxton Polsgrove


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 500+

USPA: C-43817

Allie Smith


Caitlin Steele

Jumps: 6

USPA: 304114

Sky Team

Jorge Alonso

Co-Owner, Videographer, Xtreme Media Services

Jumps: 2500+

USPA: D-29006

Doug Barron

Ratings: USPA Coach, Tandem Instructor (Sigma & Strong) , AFF Instructor

Jumps: 3800+

USPA: D-30343

Sal Bennani

Ratings: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor

Jumps: 2004

USPA: D-30447

Jurga Berry

Ratings: Coach, AFF Instructor

Jumps: 2600+

USPA: D-28065

Keith Crouse

Ratings: AFF-I, Tandem

Jumps: 2800

USPA: D-19198

Danny Dollar

Ratings: Coach, SL-I, Tandem instructor, Pro rating

Jumps: 3200

USPA: D-29862

Shane Eidsness

Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 295

USPA: C-43489

Bill Eisele

Ratings: Static Line, Tandem, AFF

Jumps: 3996

USPA: A-5643, B-10695, C-13179, D-11643

Ashley Fischer

Ratings: Coach, AFF-I, Tan-I

Jumps: 2900+

USPA: D-31237

Joey Freeman

Ratings: Tandem-I, AFF-I, coach-E, AFF-IE, PRO, S&TA

Jumps: 7500+

USPA: D-23490

Dave Fulk

Ratings: Tandem Instructor

Jumps: 2000+

USPA: D-30508

Judy Girard

Ratings: AFF Instructor

Jumps: 9010

USPA: D13469

John Haley


Jumps: 1200 +

USPA: A-66516

Chuck Hammond

Ratings: Tandem Instructor, PRO Rated, Coach

Jumps: 6450

USPA: D-24846

Andrew Happick

Ratings: AFF, Coach, Tandem

Jumps: 4200

USPA: D-30413

Fred Karr

Ratings: AFF Instructor

Jumps: 3000+

USPA: D-28601

Quincy Kennedy


Jumps: 2436

USPA: D-26576

Patrick Mercier

Videographer | AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF-I, Senior Rigger

Jumps: 5800

USPA: D 34450

Peanutt Paige

Ratings: Tandem Instructor, PRO Rated, Coach

Jumps: 1800

USPA: D-23872

Sandy Radsek

Co-Owner, Videographer, Xtreme Media Services

Ratings: AFF, Tandem, Coach, Pro

Jumps: 6,000

USPA: D-29515

Mike Siegfried


Ratings: PRO - Rated (Demonstration Jumper)

Jumps: 2880

USPA: D-8482

Gene Stuart

Ratings: Tandem Instructor, Senior Rigger, PRO Rated, AFF Instructor

Jumps: 8900

USPA: D-23744

Steve Vaughn

Ratings: Senior Rigger, PRO Rated, AFF Instructor

Jumps: 11,600

USPA: D-9106

Anthony Zerbonia

Ratings: Coach | Tandem Instructor | Judge

Jumps: 1350

USPA: D-34481


Eric Halter


Jumps: 4300+

Tandem Skydiving

Beyond the experience itself the staff were great in explaining things and making this tandem jump something I'll be holding onto for the rest of my life.

» Todd Blake