What to Wear Skydiving

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Complete Guide on What to Wear Skydiving

Experiencing a skydive is one of the most exhilarating things people can do for fun. It is also not complicated. The process of tandem skydiving has been refined over what is now many decades into a fine art of efficiency and enjoyment. However, there are a few things to know before you arrive at the dropzone – including what is appropriate to put on in the morning. Let’s have a quick look at what to wear skydiving.


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Clothing for Skydiving

As you ascend to altitude in the aircraft it gets a little cooler, but not too much. As a general rule, whatever you are comfortable wearing on the ground on the day of your jump is suitable. If it is hot then shorts and a t-shirt or some such is fine. If it is a little cooler, then pants and long sleeves are a better choice. If it is properly cold on the ground then rather than put anything else that might be bulky on over the top, a base layer or thermal garment is better. If you do need to need to layer up – multiple thin and flexible ones are great.

Best Shoes for Skydiving

Tennis shoes are the best type of shoe to wear skydiving. Sneakers or similar are lightweight, they tie up properly and cover your whole foot. It is possible to wear shoes that deviate slightly from being actual sneakers – providing they still adhere to the same criteria. Boots are ok, but not the best shoe to wear skydiving. Anything that can slip off is not so good and unsuitable, so leave your flip flops at home. Shoes that use velcro to fasten are risky. Laced up shoes are your best option. If you’re really serious about your footwear, then check out our full list of brands and shoes to wear skydiving.

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Glasses and Contact Lenses While Skydiving

If you require either glasses or contact lenses you can wear them under your goggles while you jump. Your instructor will supply you with a suitable pair of goggles and both test them on the ground to be sure they are suitably snug, then double check when in the plane running through the pre-jump checks. If you have more questions about eyewear while skydiving, check out our full article on wearing glasses or contact lenses skydiving.

How to Wear Your Hair for Skydiving

If you have any kind of long hair that can get flappy when you are going at 120 mph then it is important to tie it back for your jump. This is for your comfort and for that of your instructor. If your hair is flying free it will stay attached to your head, but if long enough it might hit your instructor in the face which they will stoically deal with but not enjoy. If you have been gifted with a long and luxurious beard that could flap about, we recommend a tube scarf to tuck it away into. If you have more questions, check out our full article on how to prepare your beard or hair for skydiving.

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Skydiving with Costumes

Going skydiving is a special thing, and it is quite common to want to fancy it up to commemorate the occasion. Jumping in a costume is entirely possible, and frequently done by seasoned skydivers and newbies alike – but some care must be taken that basically follows the same criteria already listed above. Long attachments or appendages that might hit your instructor in the face should be avoided. Also pay attention to what your costume is made from and how it is constructed, as bits flying off into the sky are not what we want. The best idea to establish the suitability of what you are planning is to call ahead of time and discuss it with our team.

What Not to Wear Skydiving

The items above mostly cover what to wear, but it is also important to remember what not to wear. Even things that seem basically secure on the ground can slip off when exposed to freefall wind speeds, so don’t wear any jewelry or you risk losing it. If your clothing has pockets, let them remain empty as your precious valuables can easily wiggle out at some point without you knowing and no flip flops!


It is pretty normal to be anxious about doing a skydive for the first time, and it can be easy to forget things when you are preoccupied. Do not worry! Our ground staff and instructor team are highly experienced and will make sure you are correctly attired and ready to jump into a life-changing event. So what are you waiting for? Join us for a tandem skydive as soon as you can. We are waiting for you

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