Top 5 Skydiving Tips for Beginners

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Skydiving 101: 5 Tips for Newcomers

You’ve decided it’s high time you jump out of an airplane – that’s awesome! But now what? Skydiving isn’t something people do every day (well, besides us), so preparing for your jump can feel impossible. Luckily, there are plenty of skydiving tips for beginners to help you get ready to make the leap. Managing stress, bringing the proper provisions, and knowing how to navigate the process are just some of the things you are probably worrying about.


Check out these five skydiving tips to make you feel more prepared for your big day with us!

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Arrive on Time

Out of all the skydiving tips for first-timers, this one may seem the most obvious. You want to make sure you are on time for your booking (or even early) so that you will have plenty of time to get your bearings and settle in before the excitement starts. There will be paperwork to fill out, videos to watch, and skydiving techniques to learn.


Give yourself ample time to get all of this done so that you aren’t adding stress to the day. You want the entire day to go as smoothly as possible, not just the skydive. Plus, if you’re ready to go with time to spare, you can watch other first-timers land and freak out about the very same epic experience you’re about to have!!

Dress for the Skydive

Skydiving is an athletic activity, and it’s important to dress the part. You’ll find yourself in many different positions at various points in your skydive, so you want to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Think of dressing for the gym. How are you going to do any skydiving tricks if you are wearing tight, uncomfortable clothing?! You don’t want anything that will restrict you from bending over or arching your back, and you want to be comfortable when you are riding up in the plane.


Is it better to wear shorts or pants when skydiving? Pants, for a few different reasons. Even if it’s hot on the ground, the temperature at altitude is much cooler – and 120 mph wind adds to that chill, so it’s best to have your arms and legs covered during your jump. You also want to consider your landing when deciding what to wear. There is a good chance you will be sliding in on your butt, so having pants to cover your legs is a good idea. Check out these landing tips to see what we mean.

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Mentally Prepare Yourself

You are probably asking yourself, “how do I calm my nerves before skydiving?” The short answer is, that’s up to you! Everyone deals with stress differently, and only you really know what helps keep you calm. However, there are some common ways to help with nerves on your big day and prepare for your first skydive.


One of the best tips before skydiving is to think about breathing. Effective breathing helps regulate stress in your body and mind, and it gives you something to focus on other than what you are about to do. Deep, consistent breaths will keep you focused and oxygenated, allowing your mind to relax. You can also use this breathing to practice for your skydive. Continuing the controlled, rhythmic breathing throughout your jump will keep you calm, cool, and collected, and allow you to focus on the amazing experience! In case you were wondering, you can breathe while skydiving.


You can also spend time doing whatever it is that helps you de-stress before you come to the dropzone the day of your jump. Whether it’s running, yoga, talking to a friend, or reading a book, anything helps! Set aside time that morning to focus on yourself and get your head in the right place.


Reading reviews from people who jumped before you might help, too!

Bring Snacks!

And plenty of water! Even though skydiving might not seem like the most physically taxing activity, there is a level of exertion to it. You’ll be an active participant in your skydive, so you want to make sure you have enough energy.


Besides preparing your body for your skydive, food and water help you feel your best mentally. Hangry is a word for a reason! We’ve all had that day where we’re just too busy to stop for a meal and end up feeling sluggish and aggravated. No one wants to feel that way when they are having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bring enough food and water to keep you satisfied, but not overly full. Being either hungry or stuffed can be distracting, and you want to be able to give your skydive your full attention.

Be the Teacher’s Pet

The best way to deal with the fear of the unknown is to make it familiar. Even though you can’t exactly jump from a plane to prepare yourself for jumping from a plane, there are plenty of things that you can do to get ready for your big day.


If you’ve ever spent time on the internet (LOL), you know that social media has a treasure trove of videos. A quick Google search will deliver enough skydiving videos to last you the rest of your life! Watch other people’s tandem videos to get an idea of what their experience looked like. Knowing what to expect from the process can help you feel less nervous about what you are about to do.


A lot of people ask, “how do I prepare my body for skydiving?” The good news is, you can practice your body position before you even get to the dropzone. You will have plenty of time to perfect your skydiving technique with a professional tandem instructor before you get on the plane, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little ahead.


You will need to learn how to fall in an arch position with your belly facing the earth. To practice this, you can lay on your stomach and press your hips down while lifting your thighs and shoulders off the ground. Think like a banana! If you really want to be prepared, you can even spend some time in the wind tunnel before you go skydiving. This will give you an idea of what the air will feel like on your jump, and you will show up to your first skydive with the best arch on this side of the Mississippi.

How scary is skydiving the first time? That all depends on how prepared you are to jump out of an airplane! Come see for yourself how it feels to FLY! Book now!

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