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Best Places to Skydive Around the World

Skydiving stands to be one of the most popular items gracing everyone’s bucket list while traveling the world has become one of the most highly desired adventures of our generation. Skydiving and traveling are like two peas in a pod: two famous items on your lifetime to-do list – so why not do both at the same time!?


Regardless if you’re a first-timer wanting to experience the dream of human flight above the most magnificent of views, or if you are a traveling skydiver wanting to experience a new DZ with the best amenities, we can help steer you in the right direction with our top 10 places to go skydiving in the world. Let’s get your journey started on the right foot!

best skydiving around the world


Located in South Carolina, Skydive Carolina is famous for Southern hospitality and world-class charm – and it’s our home DZ, so of course it’s at the top of our list! We are known for having an enormous landing area that you just have to see for yourself, as well as top-notch facilities perfect for spending your weekends (or weekdays!) jumping your heart out.

Rated #1 in the Carolinas, Skydive Carolina houses a fleet of three meticulously-maintained aircraft, one of which is a much desired Twin Otter. No need to pack a lunch – Skydive Carolina features an on-site food vendor and snacks in the Student Training Center.


skydive carolina


Located on Australia’s east coast in Toogoolawah, Skydive Ramblers is Queensland’s largest and longest operating skydiving center. They’re famous for hosting amazing skydiving events and world-class competitions. The air-conditioned facilities are impeccable and they even have a swimming pool and a cafe! One of the best things about this dropzone is getting the chance to land among kangaroos!


skydive ramblers


Experience the most beautiful views in all of Puerto Rico at this locally owned and operated dropzone. La Zona Puerto Rico celebrates the sea and the sky with the opportunity to land on the beautiful beaches of Punta Santiago! On your skydive, you’ll get breathtaking views of Puerto Rico’s stunning east coast and lush rainforest.


la zona puerto rico



Nothing compares to the magnificent view you’ll get of that beautiful blue ocean and the fantastic Florida Keys from 10,000 feet at Skydive Key West. The views alone are totally worth it, but they’re not the only reason to jump here – the staff is absolutely incredible and will make your tandem skydiving experience one for the books!


skydive key west


Famous amongst skydivers, Skydive Perris has everything a skydiver could ever want at a dropzone! We’re talkin’ about a huge fleet of turbine aircraft, a swimming pool with lounge area, a full-service restaurant and bar, and even an onsite wind tunnel! Not to mention, Skydive Perris is located just outside of Los Angeles and is one of the most popular dropzones to host celebs.


skydive perris


Located in the Adventure Capital of the World (Queenstown), NZone Skydiving is a tandem-only dropzone that’s so good, they’re the only Tandem Skydive company to receive New Zealand’s Supreme Tourism Award! NZone Skydiving owns and operates two turbine aircraft, perfectly maintained equipment and facilities, and offers incredible views of mountains and lakes.


nzone skydiving


Skydive Mossel Bay is located on the beautiful South Coast of South Africa, just a short distance from the beach (which means beach jumps!). Your view will not only include the beautiful beaches between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, but you can also catch a glimpse of the Outeniqua Mountains. Skydivers and teams are welcome here as they are equipped with their own twin-engine turbine aircraft that’ll get you to altitude in a flash.


skydive mossel bay


Skydive Voss has some of the world’s most breathtaking views in a town that values adventure and celebrates life like no other. Picture yourself riding under canopy through a beautiful valley with rushing waterfalls in the background – you won’t believe your own eyes! And with the Vossvind wind tunnel located just five minutes away, you just may never want to leave.

skydive voss



Skydive Abel Tasman is just one of three South Island locations owned by Skydive New Zealand. At this dropzone, you’ll get the opportunity to choose the altitude of your tandem jump. They even offer one of the highest tandem jumps in the world at a mind-boggling 20,000 feet! You’ll get the ultimate scenic view of the heart of New Zealand, complete with turquoise oceans, snowy mountains, and infamous national parks. Swoon!


skydive abel tasman


Located near Sevilla, Skydive Spain is rated as Southern Spain’s #1 dropzone and one of the best dropzones in Europe! They offer 15,000 ft tandem skydives and fantastic amenities for skydivers. Skydive Spain is known for their incredible and professional hospitality, comprehensive skydiving courses, and multi-turbine aircraft.


skydive spain


Why wait for the perfect time to start a new adventure? The best time is right NOW – book your jump with Skydive Carolina today!

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