Team Carolina Ice XP

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Team Carolina Ice XP

Joey Freeman
Nicknames: old man, free bag
DOM: October 18, 1965
Hometown: Asheville N.C
Number of Skydives: 8000+
Tunnel Time: 150+
Licenses/Ratings: Coach-E, AFF-IE, Tan-I, PRO, S&TA
First Jump: September 1999

Gear: Sunpath Javelin, Performance Designs Katana97 and optimum 113, cypres 2

Jump Philosophy: Take your time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Why I started skydiving: I have always wanted to since I was a kid.

Outside Hobbies/Sports: Hunting, Fishing, rafting, rock climbing, wood working

Bruce Travis:
I started jumping in 1967 as a member of an Air Force Combat Control Team providing close air support for the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam. I have 8575 jumps and 140 hours of tunnel. I have about a dozen Nationals metals in 4, 8, and 16 way. I have participated in in about a dozen big way world records, including the current 400 way, three point 217 way and four point 57 way (SOS). Skydive Carolina has been my home DZ since 1986 and I have been a member of Carolina Ice (off and on) since 2005. I am truly blessed to have SDC as my home DZ.

Maggie Moorhead

Years in sport: 11
Number of jumps: 1400
Tunnel time: 50ish hours
License: D-33556
Achievements: NC state record, SC state women’s record, SC state women’s sequential record
Activities outside skydiving: snuggling with Bitty, reading, sleeping, food testing, embroidery

Bill Baker

License D 8666

Never got an A, B or C license

Number of jumps: 4,900+

First Jump: November 11, 1978

First jump at Skydive Carolina: August 1998

Competition Awards

1984 Gold Medal 8 way intermediate (first year USPA had two classes of competition) Also my first Nationals. Team name Southern Exposure

1984 Bronze medal 4-way intermediate.

2001 First Place 8-way intermediate (no medal we were a guest team) team name Wendy’s Boys

Best Open finish 4thplace 4-way FS. Lost to both Golden Knights teams and Dan BC’s Green County Fusion (so pretty good company!)

Most memorable jump(s):

1984 Nationals Round Six 8-way competition Our lead was large enough that we could score a zero and still win. We did win, and we did score a zero!

2015 108 way world record attempts into the Oshkosh airshow

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