Learn to Skydive in SC

Learn to Skydive in SC

Interested in becoming a skydiver? Learn to skydive in SC with Skydive Carolina. We offer the most comprehensive skydive training in the United States with our AFP - Accelerated Freefall Progression program. All jumps are video recorded and are used during video debriefs after the skydive for immediate feedback and learning.

What is AFP?

Accelerated Freefall Progression (AFP) is a comprehensive, 16 jump program designed to train an individual with a strong foundation to become a solo, certified skydiver by building strong freefall and canopy skills. Upon completion of the AFP program, students will need to make 9 solo jumps and learn to pack in order to attain an A license.

What is an A License?

An A license certifies that a skydiver can safely jump with other skydivers and visit other skydiving centers. Attaining an A license, requires a physical test (a graduation jump with an instructor), passing of a written test, a United States Parachute Association membership*, a minimum of 25 jumps (including your tandem skydive) and demonstrating the ability to pack a parachute.

How is AFP different from tandem or static line training?

Unlike a tandem skydive, your first jump will have you at the controls flying your very own parachute! On your first skydive, two instructors will jump alongside you giving you feedback using hand signals throughout the skydive. At the end of the freefall, you will deploy your own parachute and our ground crew will then talk you down via wireless radio giving you instructions based on the flight plan introduced during the first jump course. Click here to see an example of what jump number one looks like!

What are the Costs?

Please reference the chart below for skydiving costs in SC. If on a budget, please note that at least one skydive must be completed every 30 days. Becoming uncurrent will require the last successfully completed skydive to be repeated, even if the reason for the extended gap in skydiving was due to inclement weather.

* Temporary USPA membership is included in the cost of the First Jump Course. Temporary membership is valid for 90 days. If the student graduates within 90 days, the cost of a USPA membership valid for one year will be covered by Skydive Carolina.

Accelerated Freefall Progression (AFP) Pricing

Level Cost
AFP Level 1 - Introduction to free fall. - First Jump Course (6 hr ground school) followed by a skydive 299.00
AFP - Level 2 - Forward movement and team turns 199.00
AFP - Level 3 - Release dive - straight down flight 199.00
AFP - Level 4 - Upper body turns - 90 Degree 189.00
AFP - Level 5 - Upper body turns - 180° & 360° 189.00
AFP - Level 6 - Diving exit, back loops and flat tracking 189.00
AFP - Level 7 - Floater exit, front loops and flat tracking 189.00
AFP - Level 8 - 180° mirrored knee turns 189.00
AFP - Level 9 - 360° two point turns 149.00
AFP - Level 10 - Fall rate exercise 189.00
AFP - Level 11 - Turns to "no reach" shoulder docks and track 149.00
AFP - Level 12 - Accordion arm docks and side body sequential 149.00
AFP - Level 13 - Dynamic exit, barrel rolls, orbit, track 149.00
AFP - Level 14 - 5 second delay 129.00
AFP - Level 15 - 5 second delay 52.00
AFP - Level 16 - Challenge dive / A - license check dive 129.00
Jumps 17-25 - Rate includes lift ticket and rental gear. Price is per jump. 57.00
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