Where to Eat near the DZ

Our Location

Anna's Arbor

KJ's Wings & Ale

The Front Porch

The Summit

Umi Hibachi Grill

Longhorn Steakhouse

McHale's Irish Pub

Nova's Bakery


Ruby Tuesday

Sila Thai

The Flipside Restaurant

Local Dish

Legal Remedy Brewing

1. Anna's Arbor

Address: 129 Gadsden St, Chester, SC 29706, USA

Phone: 803-581-2666

Website: Open

2. KJ's Wings & Ale

Address: 1631 JA Cochran Bypass Suite F, Chester, SC 29706

Phone: (803) 385-1222

Website: Open

3. The Front Porch

Address: 3072 Lancaster Hwy, Richburg, SC 29729

Phone: (803) 789-5029

Website: Open

4. The Summit

Address: 134 Main St, Chester, SC 29706

Website: Open

5. Umi Hibachi Grill

Umi has become a skydivers favorite for restaurants in Chester, SC. Great people run this restaurant and the food is of excellent quality and delicious. Skydivers stamp of approval here!

Address: 510 BC Moore Drive, Chester, SC 29706

Phone: (803) 385-3600

Website: Open

6. Longhorn Steakhouse

Address: 2255 Crosspointe Dr, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: (803) 789-5029

Website: Open

7. McHale's Irish Pub

Address: 122 East Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: (803) 329-8580

Website: Open

8. Nova's Bakery

Great spot if you're driving down from Charlotte to stop for a pastry or coffee for the road. It's a little out of the way, but worth the detour for a flaky pastry treat.

Address: 1108 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Phone: (803) 366-3343

Website: Open

9. Panera

Address: 526 John Ross Pkwy, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: (803) 329-0200

Website: Open

10. Ruby Tuesday

Address: 1410 Old Springdale Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

Phone: (803) 980-8313

Website: Open

11. Sila Thai

Address: 979 N Anderson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

Phone: (803) 980-0048

Website: Open

12. The Flipside Restaurant

Address: 129 Caldwell St, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: (803) 324-3547

Website: Open

13. Local Dish

Address: 217 Main St, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Phone: (803) 547-2201

Website: Open

14. Legal Remedy Brewing


Phone: (803) 324-2337

Website: Open

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