Why Skydiving is Better Than Sex

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is Skydiving Better than Sex?

It is heard in the landing area at every drop zone around the world: “THAT WAS AMAZING! THAT WAS BETTER THAN SEX!”

We hear this so often, we thought we’d write about it. Is skydiving better than sex? Either every skydiver isn’t getting the fulfillment they desire or maybe there’s something to this. Perhaps skydiving brings a joy that outperforms even the strongest of libidos!

After much study (not really), we’ve come up with 5 Reasons Why Skydiving Is Better Than Sex.


1. Skydiving Is Much Safer

Remember the days when sex was safe and skydiving was dangerous? The swinging 60s was all about love and really sketchy skydiving where nearly every jump was a test jump. Today, it’s the reverse! In skydiving, the more partners you have the better! Everyone lands, laughs about what fun they had and then jumps together again. No awkwardness or scary doctor visits that require uncomfortable conversations and cringeworthy tests!

The technology in modern day skydiving is incredible. We now have smart computers we jump with that deploy our reserve parachutes for us if we fail to do it ourselves. We have audible altimeters that tell us our altitude during free fall and when to pull our parachutes. If only we had such technology when intermingling with those we probably shouldn’t be!

2. Skydiving Is Less Expensive

Skydiving is expensive, but compared to the cost of having a baby, skydiving is really, really cheap! It is said that raising a child will cost today’s parent about $250,000 from birth to college and there’s a good chance they won’t even like you when they leave for college (those precious teenagers). For $250K you could travel the world and skydive at every exotic drop zone or train to be a world champion…. you see where we’re going here!

3. Skydiving Makes You Happier

No offense to the great lovers out there, but skydiving will give you an afterglow like you wouldn’t believe. Though a skydive may only last about six minutes, you’ll be feeling the after effects for days. The rush of serotonin to your brain can outdo even the most incredible… um… ‘heightened’ experiences.

4. Skydiving Is A Healthy Addiction

Once you’ve tasted flight, you’ll want more and more and no one will frown upon you for your obsessive behavior. After you make your first jump, you’ll throw yourself into learning to skydive and spending all your time (and money) at the drop zone having fun with equally obsessed people. It will be the happiest times of your life!

5. Skydiving Will Make You a Better Lover

Didn’t see that one coming did you? Though skydiving is better than sex, it will make you better at it. With a healthier, more positive outlook on life you’ll feel more confident and easy-going in yourself and that will translate into the intimate aspects of your life. Thanks skydiving!

Is skydiving better than sex? We would argue that it most definitely is! Curious to give it a try? Learn more about tandem skydiving or contact a member of our team with any questions you have.

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