Chantel Cleghorn


I started skydiving static line progression in 1999 at WesTex Skysports in Stanton, TX and jumped throughout undergrad and graduate school (degrees in physics and math). But I could never afford to maintain currency so frequently had to start training over. I took 9 years off and worked a real job (as an actuary) before starting back in 2011 at Skydive Dallas.  I quit said real job and became a professional skydiver in 2013. Now I hold the following ratings: Skydive University Coach, AFF Instructor, Sigma Tandem Instructor, and Coach Examiner, and currently working on AFF Instructor Examiner. I enjoy formation belly jumps, small freefly jumps, and most of all instructional skydives. I was drawn to Skydive Carolina by its welcoming atmosphere and staff, and of course, its turbine aircraft!

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