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Did You Know: Your Stomach Doesn't Drop on a Skydive

» July 21, 2014

Did You Know: Your Stomach Doesn't Drop on a Skydive

If you've ever been on a roller coaster, you're familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of your stomach 'dropping' and ascending into your throat as you speed down the first hill. Fortunately, this is not a feeling experienced when making a skydive.

9 Questions with Joey Freeman

» July 17, 2014

Joey Freeman has been a staple around Skydive Carolina for many years. Besides being a tanden and AFP instructor, Joey is also a member of Carolina Turbo XP - Skydive Carolina's own 4-way RW team who competes at National competitions! Check out his responses!

10 Questions with Doug Barron

» July 17, 2014

Doug Barron was Skydive Carolina's 2013 Skydiver of the Year - an award given to a jumper who has achieved greatly and given back to the sport. As an instructor, 4-way competitor, and organizer, Doug is a top notch, hilarious individual who adds much to the community of Skydive Carolina. Check out Doug's 10 question responses...

10 Questions with Peanutt Paige

» July 10, 2014

Peanutt Paige is a gentle giant who loves giving his students the time of their lives! He's been a staple at Skydive Carolina for many years and has become a favorite instructor for many returning students. Learn all about Peanutt in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Ashley Fischer

» July 10, 2014

Meet Ashley Fischer - a tandem instructor at Skydive Carolina who has taken more than 1000 people up for their first time jumps! She is passionate about the sport has big aspirations and has a big date planned with Johnny Depp. Learn more about Ashley in this week's 10 Questions With...

Instructor Profile: Andrew Happick

» June 25, 2014

How familiar are you with Skydive Carolina instructors and team members? Learn a little more about Skydive Carolina Tandem Instructor, AFP Instructor, and Carolina Turbo XP team member Andrew Happick by reading his responses to the questions below!

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