Weather plays a major role in skydiving. Be sure to keep up with local weather conditions here at Skydive Carolina. If in doubt, please contact us directly for a report on our current conditions.

Wondering if today's weather will affect operations? Call us at 803-581-5867 and view the weather service we use most often, to see weather conditions in real time.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon for your Charlotte skydiving adventure!

Today (2/10)

Partly cloudy in the afternoon.

39° High

23° Low

Tomorrow (2/11)

Partly cloudy overnight.

48° High

24° Low

Friday (2/12)

Mostly cloudy until evening.

45° High

31° Low

Saturday (2/13)

Partly cloudy until afternoon.

39° High

23° Low

Sunday (2/14)

Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.

34° High

17° Low

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