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Published: July 12, 2012

Bill Wood Retires

"You don't quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving." - Bill Wood

Visit the POPS website and you'll see these words quoted by the venerable Bill Wood. If you've never met Bill, then you've missed out on some of your skydiving education that's not found in the SIM. Bill won't teach you the fundamentals of skydiving (as he did with Steve Vaughn more than 10,000 jumps ago), nor will he gloss on the glory years. What you'll learn from Bill is not by what he says, but more by how he carries himself. Bill is a gentleman; a patriarch who has seen the dramatic changes of our sport and survived the early years where today's technologies were the dreams of Booth, Strong and Nelson. Bill maintains his quick whit, and mischievous smile as he flirts with some of the ladies at the DZ who stop by to chat during his many visits with his skydiving buddies. It is fitting that we pay Bill the respect he deserves as he has taught many of us what it is to be a skydiver both in the air and on the ground. This Saturday Bill will make his last jump doing a tandem skydive with both his son and his son's girlfriend.

Please plan to join us for dinner at 7:00pm as we visit with Bill and pay tribute to him for an amazing career in the sport. Dale's Dive-In will be serving up grilled chicken and pasta salad. Condolences
To chief pilot Eric Halter on the loss of his sister yesterday. More details to follow, but our prayers and comfort go to Eric and his family during this time of loss. Skydive Carolina Launches New Website Skydive Carolina launched a new website last week - a great improvement from the flash-based site that was hidden from iphone and ipad users for the past couple of years. The new site features a live and up to date feature for weather and more information geared towards experienced skydivers. Since the site's launch nine days ago, there has been a strong spike in online bookings for students as it is easier to book than ever before. Also featured is a new mobile page m.skydivecarolina.com for iphone and android users. We hope everyone will enjoy the site and the many different features it offers. Have a look: skydivecarolina.com

Glory Days of Skydiving
Saturday, August 18 Ah, the glory days.....we welcome them back! Next month, we begin a new event to our schedule - The Glory Days of Skydiving. A day where we mix the olden days with the new and have some great fun! All jumpers who have some older gear not being used today, PLEASE bring it out. We'll be setting up some tables for gear so that we'll all be able to look and enjoy the gear from years past. Also, start having some conversation with your friends for the 10-Way Speed Star Competition. Three competition rounds of speed star will be held. Get your team rosters together over the coming weeks. Pass the baton will be held as well as StarCrest Award jumps will also be held on the day as well.

*We are looking for anyone that currently has and is willing to jump a round parachute. If you're a willing candidate - please touch base at info@skydivecarolina.com Skydive Carolina to be Featured on 'One Tank Trips' on Fox Charlotte

One Tank Trips

Fox News Rising host Derek James visited Skydive Carolina a couple of weeks ago to film a segment called One Tank Trips. The premise of the segment is to show the great things to do around the Charlotte region on one tank of gas. A camera crew and producer spent a few hours at the DZ as host Derek James made his skydive. The piece will air tonight at 10:00pm on the Edge and tomorrow morning on Fox News Rising beginning at 6:00am. Many thanks to the Fox Charlotte crew for featuring Skydive Carolina!

Twitter Weather - @SDCarolinaWX On Twitter? Wanna know what the weather is doing at the DZ? Subscribe to @SDCarolnaWX feed to get weather updates from the DZ.

Above All Else

If you're looking for a really good read this summer - especially if you enjoy skydiving and competition skydiving then this is an incredible book by a legend in our sport - Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. Dan BC is the founder of Arizona Airspeed, is coordinator for the upcoming 500-Way World Record, General Manager at Perris Valley and recently gave a fabulous TED Talk. It is an excellent book and shows the life commitment made to the sport we love. Click here to purchase from Amazon.com.

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