Latest News from CarolinaFest!

Latest News from CarolinaFest!

Published: May 1, 2016

It's going to be our BEST EVENT YET!!!

Our latest updates from the best boogie of the year.


Pre-Registration ends on May 9th! Do not be left in the dark! We are capping registration at 375 and we've now crossed the 300 threshold. Get registered and guarantee your spot in the event, PLUS an event tee shirt that will fit you plus a boogie bag. Anyone not pre-registered cannot be guaranteed sizing etc.



The entertainment lineup is now out. You knew about the Saturday Night theme night, but did you know Greg Windmiller will be hosting a lip sync battle on Friday night?

Thursday Night Karaoke and Lip Sync Battle

Greg Windmiller is hosting a Lip Sync battle a la Jimmy Fallon. Best performance wins 5 lift tickets for use on Sunday.* *Performers will need to provide their own music (if it's on your phone, we can easily just plug and play).

Rules: Participants should prepare one song. The minimum song duration is 1 minute the max is 3 minutes. In the event of a tie, the battle carries into a second song performance. Get ready to bring it.

Friday Night DJ Neglect from Miami performing

Saturday Night Theme Party with DJ Kevin Tseng

It broke records at the box office and now it's going to break records for awesomeness at CarolinaFest. This years CarolinaFest Theme is centered around STAR WARS!


Vendor Row is filling up fast with the top manufacturers in the industry attending. Behold:

DropZone Apparel
Fluid Wings
Performance Designs
Liquid Sky Sports
Sunpath Products
TMO Suits
Tony Suits
UPT Vector
Velocity Rigs
Vertical Suits


We are excited to announce Suja will be a beverage sponsor for CarolinaFest 2016 along with Kind Snacks. Thank you to thest great brands for keeping our skydivers fueled!


We've had even more contributions to the raffle. A huge thank you to the companies that have contributed thusfar! #notyourordinaryraffle

Manufacturer Raffle Prize
Alti-2 Atlas Altimeter
Alti-2 Galaxy Altimeter
DropZone Apparel 1 Pair of Swoop Pants or Freefly Pants
DropZone Apparel 25% OFF Jumpsuit
DropZone Apparel 25% OFF Jumpsuit
PD Flight -1 Certificate for a Flight-1 Course
MarS m2 20% Off an AAD
Vertical Suits 25% OFF a Vertical Suit
Velocity Sports Equipment 10% OFF the base price of a rig
Larsen & Brusgaard One Viso II with an armband
Parachute Systems Vortex Container
TMO Jumpsuit
TMO two (2) 25% OFF jumpsuit voucher
ChutingStar Gear Bags
ChutingStar Go Pro Covers
ChutingStar Helmet Bags
Skydive Chicago Registration to Summerfest
United Parachute Technologies (UPT) 30% Off base, 15% off options
United Parachute Technologies (UPT) 30% Off base, 15% off options
Velocity Rigs 15% OFF Base Price of a Rig
Velocity Rigs 20% OFF Base Price of a Rig
Xtreme Media Productions Hypoxic TurnedOn
Xtreme Media Productions Hypoxic TurnedOn


Tandem Skydiving

This was the best time i have ever had in my entire life!!!

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