Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

Date Details: May 8-10 — 8:00 am - Dusk

Basic Canopy Course | May 8-9 | 8:00am | $135 + Jumps

Basic Canopy Piloting Skills - If you've never taken a dedicated canopy course, this is the one for you! - If it has been a season since you have done a canopy course, this course is also for you.

Greg's unique teaching style is specifically designed at focusing on each individual with the understanding that everyone learns differently. His proven techniques and canopy drills allow jumpers to completely understand exactly how their parachutes perform in every condition possible.

The course is also designed to educate jumpers on safe canopy flight and teach them techniques that will give them the most valuable tool of all....CONFIDENCE! Confidence in their gear, in themselves and their abilities to fly their canopies safely. The intent is to make jumpers smarter and safer canopy pilots. No matter what drills are being conducted, the desired end result is having the jumpers land exactly where they want as softly as possible. - This course meets the requirements of USPA's Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card, necessary for a B License.

Greg Windmiller's Canopy Courses are very versatile, and with the experience levels and desired goals of each participant taken into consideration, There is no minimum and no maximum jumps the participants can do in a day. Whether you want to do 1 jump or 10 jumps in a day is up to you. These are no cookie cutter courses. You will be doing jumps and drills based off of your abilities, your progress and your desired goals. Each jump you do will be videoed and meticulously debriefed.

* It is highly recommended that participants hire a packer to minimize distraction and maximize learning.

ADVANCED SKILLS CLASS | May 10 | 8:00am | $135 + Jumps

Designed for jumpers that have already been through a basic canopy course beyond their AFF training. - This course teaches advanced techniques, which enables canopy pilots to get more performance out of their canopies. This creates safer skydivers that can land their canopies in a greater variety of conditions. -

Skills-building will be tailored to swoopers and non-swoopers alike. - unlike most courses offered today, you do not have to have attended a previous canopy course to attend this course. The courses are designed so that Saturday's Basic course participants can smoothly move into the Sunday Advanced course.


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Years in the Sport: 24
Jumps: 14,200
Cutaways: 4
Home DZ: Laurinburg, NC
Occupation: Soldier, canopy piloting competitor
Main Canopies: Performance Designs Peregrine 79 Velocities 84-103 Reserve Canopy: Optimum 126 Container: SunPath Javelin
AAD: Speed Cypres
Altimeter: Neptune N-3

Skydiving History

Special Forces Military Freefall school and Military Freefall Jumpmaster school graduate. AFF-I, UPT Tandem IE, USPA Tandem Examiner, PRO First 2,500 jumps were all done at under a .83 wing loading. Was a test jumper for 2 different parachute manufacturers testing canopy relative work/ Accuracy and sport canopies.

Competition History

Former Classic Accuracy champion and team leader for the Golden Knights Style and Accuracy team 2000-2003 4way competitor Competition Canopy Pilot since 2007 and current Team Leader for the Golden Knights Canopy Piloting Team.

4 time US National Champion 16 state, 7 US National, and 5 World Records in canopy piloting In the past 4 years, of the 48 medals available in the advanced category in canopy piloting at US nationals 30 have come from Greg's students.

**Additional courses offered** Competitive Canopy Piloting Accuracy / Pro Rating Tandem canopy course

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May 8
Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

» 8:00 am - Dusk | May 8-10

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May 9
Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

» 8:00 am - Dusk | May 8-10

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May 10
Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

» 8:00 am - Dusk | May 8-10

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I just want to thank everybody at Skydive Carolina for the spectacular hospitality on June 27th, 2015....I have never met a more friendly bunch of people. The whole staff showed me hospitality that you only hear about.

» Dean Trammell