Cheryl Stearns Accuracy Training Camp

Cheryl Stearns Accuracy Training Camp

Date Details: APRIL 14-28 — 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

If you wanted to learn something, wouldn't it be great to learn from the best? As in, literally

Here is your opportunity! Skydiving legend, Cheryl Stearns will be hosting an accuracy camp to train all experience levels in accuracy landings. This skills course includes classic, demo, and sport accuracy training.

Camp Goals

  • To train all experience levels in classic accuracy landings.
  • To hold a classic accuracy competition with Experienced and Intermediate divisions so all skill levels can participate.


Accuracy Jumps = $15 / jump

Training Camp Fee = $50

Accuracy Meet Fee = $35

Winch Launches (used only when airplanes can't fly) = $5/launch


April 14- 28 (Come for the whole camp or stay for any part of it).

April 20-21 (Friday - Saturday) Accuracy Meet


Please contact Lindy Leach ( to give your arrival/departure dates, request visa assistance, ask for more information, or if you want to demo a PD ZERO accuracy canopy.

NOTE: Charlotte International Airport is the closest airport (45 minute drive to the DZ).


If the USPA recognizes the Third Party Insurance covered by your country, you will NOT need a 90 day Foreign Temporary Membeship. If your country is not covered, you are REQUIRED to purchase the $20 90-day membership.


  • Here is a link to local hotel/motel information. Please make your motel/rental car reservations early- you can always cancel if your plans change!
  • The drop zone has a big hanger in which to pack, rigger, packers, clean bathrooms and showers, free camping, and an onsite food vendor (excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner items for a reasonable cost).
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