Cheryl Stearns Accuracy Training Camp

Cheryl Stearns Accuracy Training Camp

Date Details: APRIL 15-29 — 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

If you wanted to learn something, wouldn't it be great to learn from the best? As in, literally

Here is your opportunity! Skydiving legend, Cheryl Stearns will be hosting an accuracy camp to train all experience levels in accuracy landings. This skills course includes classic, demo, and sport accuracy training.

Camp Goals

  • To train all experience levels in accuracy landings - classic, demo, and sport accuracy
  • To hold a classic accuracy competition with Experienced and Intermediate divisions so all skill levels can participate.
  • To hold a sport accuracy competition (don't need to come to the camp to compete)


Accuracy Jumps = $10 / jump

Training Camp Fee = $50

Accuracy Meet Fee = $35

3-Round Sport Accuracy Meet = Free - $10/jump


April 15 - 29 (Come for the whole camp or stay for any part of it).

April 21-22 (Friday - Saturday) Accuracy Meet

April 29 - Sport Accuracy Meet


Please contact Lindy Leach ( to give your arrival/departure dates, request visa assistance, ask for more information, or if you want to demo a PD ZERO accuracy canopy.


Skydive Carolina will provide shuttle service between the Charlotte International Airport and the Enterprise rental car facility in Rock Hill, SC where you may get cheaper rates on a rental car. If your arrival time is outside the Enterprise business hours, let Lindy know.


* SKYDIVE CAROLINA will be providing local hotel/motel information which Lindy will pass to you when received. They have a big hanger in which to pack, rigger, packers, clean bathrooms and showers, free camping, and an onsite food vendor (excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner items for a reasonable cost).

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