Know Your LO - Simon Palacio

Know Your LO - Simon Palacio

Published: March 1, 2015

Number of jumps: 4000+?
Ratings: D-License, Coach, AFF instructor, Tandem Instructor

Simon "Bones" Palacio started skydiving in 2003 while serving as a 19 year old submariner in the US Navy. Once he tasted flight, he used all his leave and free time to skydive as hard as he could while the Navy deployed him around the world and moved him up and down the east coast.

Simon took a very early interest in freeflying. By 2007 Simon was freefly experimenting with objects like spaceballs, tubes, fruits, and vegetables. After leaving the Navy in 2008, Simon moved to Texas to go to college on the post 9/11 GI bill and worked full time across the country as a skydiving instructor, rigger, and event freefly load organizer while training and competing with a 4 way VFS team.

Simon also drove the path for creating and teaching official sitfly formation records which recently culminated into the first sitfly formation official world record. After winning a few national medals and participating in or organizing several state, national, and world freefly records, Simon finished college in Fall of 2013 and went into the corporate world as an electrical engineer.

Simon likes to spend his free time brewing beer and keeping honeybees. Bones has over 4,000 skydives and nearly 200 base jumps. This will be Simon's 8th consecutive year attending Skydive Carolina's annual boogie.

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