Know Your LO - Joost Luysterburg

Know Your LO - Joost Luysterburg

Published: April 23, 2015

Have you registered for CarolinaFest 2016? If not, get it done here!

Joost is from The Netherlands and organizes formation skydiving groups internationally and holds multiple large FS national & world records including the 400-way World Record in Thailand. Joost has been an organizer for Exotic Sky Adventures since 2000 and has organized at boogies throughout the world.

When not skydiving, Joost is an F-16 pilot with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and also represents Performance Designs when he's not flying. Most recently, Joost's article of flying an F-16 with skydivers has been going viral around the internet.

We look forward to Joost working with us again at Carolinafest 2016!

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